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Diva Next Door 2014 at The Wright Venue

Ireland's biggest reality model search has a new covergirl winner! From thousands of applications from women aged 18 - 28 from all over Ireland, months of nationwide online polls, auditions, exclusive events and a 2014 Calendar release.

PSY Gentleman Diva Style!

2014 Diva Calendar Girls pay homage to the worlds biggest pop star PSY with this playful performance of PSY Gentleman at The Wright Venue Dublin.

2014 Calendar

It truly is a happy new year, after months of nationwide online polls and auditions the Diva Next Door 2014 Calendar is here! Ireland's biggest reality model search Diva Next Door is proud to release the official 2014 Calendar featuring twelve stunners from across Ireland.

2014 Calendar Final at The Wright Venue

November 8th, 2013 – All top 40 finalists returned to The Wright Venue Dublin for Diva's biggest event of the year, the 2014 Calendar Final. The 2014 Finalists were all interviewed on stage by host Olivia-Tracy Hogan on front of a live audience. Top Diva cover girl Dana Arikane led the judge panel which included recently appointed Diva Next Door 2013 Leonie McGuigan, Diva manager Kam Angulska and fashion photographer Lee Furlong of Absolute Studios.

2014 Calendar Winners

November 8th, 2013 – The 2014 Calendar winners from Cycle 7's 2014 Calendar Final at The Wright Venue Dublin are: Andrea Rooney, Carmen Castro, Cathriona McGann, Eileen Byrne, Hannah Foley, Kelsey Flood, Ksenija Spila, Nicole Travers, Kimberley Hynes, Sirin Gilas, Vanessa Deegan & Zoe Hamilton.

PRESS STATEMENT: Anastasia's DIVA NEXT DOOR 2013 title revoked, Leonie takes over!

November 4th, 2013 – The Girl Against Fluoride 2014 Naked Calendar preview was published in a Sunday World (Nov 3rd) spread exclusive.  Prominently featuring and listed as Diva Next Door (2013) Anastasia Chubar in a naked shower scene image which was not sanctioned or approved by Diva Next Door.

2014 Calendar Final at The Wright Venue Dublin 7pm Friday NOV 8 2013

This is the BIG one, after months of online polls, auditions and a huge bootcamp we finally get to discover the 2014 Calendar Girls! All 2014 Finalists (top 40) return to The Wright Venue Dublin 7pm Friday November 8th 2013 for Cycle 7's main exclusive event. Where host Olivia-Tracy Hogan will interview all 40 finalists on stage on front of a live audience. During which our expert judge panel led by cover girl Dana Arikane plus help from new DIVA NEXT DOOR 2013 Leonie McGuigan will decide who will make the top 12 cut to become the 2014 Calendar Girls.

2014 Finalists Announcement

October 12th, 2013 - Saw the winning 2014 Finalists (top 40) for Cycle 7 announced at The Wright Venue Dublin. Hosted by Diva manager Kamila Angulska and presided over by lead judge and cover girl Dana Arikane, also attended by 2013 Cover Girl Anastasia Chubar, Diva manager Laura Fan, calendar girls Tara AbbeyIsme McVey and Leonie McGuigan.

Cycle 7 Bootcamp: Behind Scenes with Diva Crew

October 12th, 2013 - The Cycle 7 Bootcamp (2014) took place at The Wright Venue Dublin. Diva managers Kamila and Laura ran the day long Bootcamp with help from Diva calendar girls Leonie McGuigan and Isme McVey. Olivia-Tracy Hogan was also on site to conduct video interviews. No public audience was allowed as it is a strictly for contestants who either won an online poll or were successful at audition.

2014 Finalists & Club Night

The winning 2014 Finalists (Top 40) announcement event for Cycle 7 will start 9pm Saturday October 12th 2013 at The Wright Venue Dublin. Hosted by Diva manager Kamila Angulska and presided over by lead judge and cover girl Dana Arikane, also attending 2013 Cover Girl Anastasia Chubar. The event is followed by a Diva club night. Fans, contestants family and friends are very welcome to attend this exclusive social occasion.

2014 Bootcamp

The 2014 Bootcamp (Cycle 7) will take place Saturday October 12th, 2013 at The Wright Venue Dublin. No public audience allowed, strictly for contestants who have either won an online poll or were successful at audition. Times and full details have been emailed to all qualified contestants.

2013 Calendar

Diva Next Door delivers the sizzle, sending temperatures soaring with fabulous photos that hot blooded males will want on their wall! After months of nationwide auditions, bootcamps, photo and video shoots, interviews, charity and social events. Plus the exclusive 2013 FINALE SHOW which wowed audiences last Saturday (January 26th) at the Ballsbridge Hotel with lead judge Rosanna Davison, the non-pageant reality calendar girl search is proud to present their delectable dozen, the 2013 Calendar Girls.

2013 Finale Show & Dinner Ball

Saturday Jan 26th, 2013 - Saw a glamorous show finale in the Ballsbridge Hotel Dublin, Rosanna Davison led a panel of Judges to decide who the Diva Next Door 2013 Calendar Girls and 2013 Cover Girl were.

Who's that chic?

2013 Finalists having some fun lip-syncing to Rihanna's "Who's that chic?" at The Wright Venue, makeup by Make Up For Ever and hair by Talking Heads. Produced by Stephen Saleh & Laura Fan. Edited by Judie Russell.

2010 Calendar

Ireland's 2010 Calendar Girls looking fabulous in this shoot produced by Stephen Saleh, photographed by top fashion photographer Lili Forberg, exquisite styling by Jill Anderson, makeup by Make Up For Ever, hair by The Cutting Room and shot on location at The Wright Venue Dublin.